Kemnal Technology College

Kemnal Technology College is a secondary school and sixth form college situated near Sidcup in the Bromley Borough of London. It is a boy’s school set in an impressive art-deco building. The school is a trust school and founding member of the Kemnal Trust which now has three other members. The site has many pages disseminating information about all areas of the school and the Kemnal Trust to pupils, parents and visitors.

The brief for the design of this site was to keep it minimal and stylish. The school was keen to keep their logo unchanged and thus design decisions were made to work around this logo.

The homepage has 3 simple sections – the animated drop-down menu to facilitate users in locating all the different areas of the site, a side-bar with a dynamically updating news box and the centrepiece – a dynamically updating animated photo gallery with captioning showcasing school events.

Newsbox on the homepage

The news box is easily updated from the site’s admin pages where administrative staff can post the most recent news which will show immediately on the home page.  Staff may upload files and link to them via the WYSIWYG text editor in the secure admin pages.

Image slideshow

The main focus of the homepage (at the request of the school) is the image slideshow which showcases images from different school events.  The school has a Flickr account where photos can be uploaded and arranged into sets. These sets are then embedded into the site wherever the school wishes to have a slideshow. The homepage slideshow has a set with a range of photos from all over the school. Each slideshow has automatically-generated horizontally-scrolling thumbnail images and a full-screen option to see photos in all their glory!

The use of Flickr makes uploading photos, adding photo information, and arranging into sets very easy without the strain on the school server.  Furthermore, Flickr now provides an easy to use online photo-editing service so that expensive editing software is not needed in most cases.  Users have the freedom of editing photos online even if their computers do not have any image-editing software installed!

Twitter Window (new)

A recent addition to the site is a window showing the latest Twitter updates – a popular and easy way for members of the school to keep everybody up to date with news and latest developments at the school.  The tweets can contain links which are made nice and small by the incorporated service.

Updating Pages

Most of the pages on the Kemnal Technology College website can be updated in-house using the KTC Administration Application.  This user-friendly application allows authorised personnel within school to update most areas of the site from their web browser:

KTC Admin Pages - Update Page

KTC Admin Pages - Update Page List

KTC Admin Pages - Edit Page

Users may upload the latest newsletter, parent letters, new job vacancies, edit the content on pages, upload and link important files such as exam calendars, prospectus, options booklet, subject resources, exam timetables.

Each subject has a series of updateable pages so, for example, if a new member of staff joins or a staff member’s job role or other details change, it is simple to add or update the details. You can even change the order that entries appear on the webpage with a simple drag-and-drop ordering functionality.

KTC Admin Pages Update Team Staff List


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May 15, 2020

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